Monday, 14 December 2015

Delicious Pearl Millet / Kambu / Bajra Dosa is ready for your dinner

In our previous article we learned about “Brown Rice” . Hope you tried it. I'm a kind of person who is really conscious about health and i usually analyse a lot before taking any food. I usually chart recipes for a week in my home. Which comprises of millets, veggies and more. Likewise you can have a schedule at your home and you can have some healthy foods in it. It really gives you valuable health benefits. After all our health is more important than anything. 

Today we are going to see about the goodness of “Pearl Millet “ and down the line we are going to see a easy and simple dinner recipe with it.


Pearl millet comes with many health benefits. As we all know it is rich in proteins and minerals ( phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and more.. ). So Lets go for the benefits of Kambu,

Helps to reduce cholesterol,
Good for Diabetics,
Helps to lose weight,
Good for heart health,
Recommended to treating stomach ulcers.

But we should be conscious while taking Bajra sometimes because too much of intake cause high uric acid deposits and Pearl Millet is good to take in winter.

The following section may make you feel delight because we are going to see about how to make dosa with Pearl Millet.

bajra dosa

Ingredients :

Pearl Millet / Kambu / Bajra - 2 Cups
Idli Rice - 1 Cup
Urad dhal / Ulunthu - 5 - 7 tsp
Fenugreek / Venthayam - 1 tsp
Salt - For Taste

Step : 1
Wash and soak Pearl millet, rice, urad dhal, fenugreek for 6 to 7 hours.

Step : 2
Grind it together. 

Step : 3
Shift the paste to a container and add some salt. Mix it well and let it for fermentation ( Nearly 7 hours ).

Step : 4
Now your batter is ready. You can make delicious dosa now.

I comes to know about the benefits of kambu a year ago, soon after i shifted to kambu dosa instead of typical rice dosa. It tastes good!! 

Seems simple right!! Have a healthy food and healthy lifestyle!!