Thursday, 10 December 2015

Replace White Rice With Brown Rice

Brown Rice for Weight Loss

I would like to publish my article in the way you likes, so i will not take most of your time. 

Articles in " Stay Fit With Healthy Food " would be as simple as possible. Its helps you to get the bottom line very soon.

So shall we go for today's food item ? Yeah here we go...

Let us quickly list out what are the items we are using in our daily food preparation. We can start with milk, sugar, white rice, wheat, veggies and more. We all knew, which is good and bad for health, but still we are not ready to switch over to new kind of diet in our daily plan.

What shall we do to overcome this. As I said in the introductory article, we can slowly replace some unhealthy food items with healthy one. So where we shall start??

Any Guess??

I would say, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner we all have more quantity of whites' in it. So our first step target is this “ White “ . 

Why don't we look for a replacement?

We all know the benefits of Brown rice I guess, still I just quickly list all of its benefits here,

  • Releases Sugar Slowly
  • Rice in Fibre
  • High in Manganese
  • Helps Weight Loss
  • Rice in Selenium and more

Brown rice might not be delicious as compared to white rice, but it benefits more than white rice. So let us give it a try. May be you feel hard to have it in day 1 and day 2 later you will enjoy eating it because it make us to chew well.

Just Go Brown!!

Let me know your responses once you start having it.

Stay Healthy!!